cinta untuk ayah

13 Mar

10 mac lepas hari kelahiran ayah. 🙂

telefon ayah seawal yang boleh. sahaja mahu bersaing dengan along. mahu bertanding siapa yang wish ayah terlebih dahulu.

artikel yang dipetik daripada ini sangat bermakna!

Travel Up North – Love for a Father
Prof. Datin Dr. Zahurin Mohamed *
Editor : Im Koyube

Kenduri Kahwin at Kampong

There’s no kenduri as meriah as kenduri kahwin at kampong. My husband and I were invited to this kenduri at a kampong which was one hour drive from Alor Setar, at a place called Padang Sanai, even further north than Kuala Nerang. The moment we stepped out of the car, we got absorbed in the merriment. Everyone was welcomed with the same warmth — neighbours, friends, royalty, even the Menteri Besar. Kumpulan AlSuraiya from Medan was playing to the crowd, with the children sitting cross-legged around the stage and their grannies humming along to the songs. The makan is a no holds barred affair “tambah lauk kari ayam kat sini” in which one can call out to the ‘waiters’ for the day, who are after all, their neighbours or relatives who are helping out. Then an announcement came to say that “sekarang masuk waktu zohor”, and the noise subsided until Solat Zohor was performed. How different the kenduri kampong is to the formal and sedate affair of the hotel weddings at KL.

Love for a Father

One of the things I love to do when I travel is to observe people. And there’s plenty of opportunities to do that during mealtimes at a hotel in Penang. There was a young Arab couple whose wife is in full black hijab, while the husband was in short Bermuda shorts with obvious display of his knees. Then there was family from Europe who appeared to live on salads only — plateful after plateful of salads with no other kinds of food. Of course, the whole family is slim and beautiful.

But the family that was the source of awe for my husband and me at that time was this one Chinese family which was made up of a very old man and a middle-aged couple.

They would quietly come into the Coffee House, the couple patiently guided the old man round the buffet, sat him down, brought his food, and waited on him while he ate. They hardly ate the food themselves, but made sure the old man got what he wanted to eat. This happened at all the meals.

I was thinking to myself that the fuss that they were making may be of two reasons — firstly, the old man was rich, and the couple had everything to gain by his passing. However, “husnul zon” (baik sangka), forbade me to think such. It can only be the second reason, and that is, that the old man is much loved, that he must taken good care of his children when they were younger, and I prayed that I may live long enough to experience such love towards an elderly.

Well, it was our my last day at the resort and as we walked out of the Coffee House, to my astonishment, my husband walked up to the middle-aged man, put out his hand, and said, “We have been observing you for a couple of days, and we want to congratulate you on the way you are caring for the elderly man!”

It appeared that the family are from Hong Kong and they were in Penang for a holiday, and the man is the son-in-law to the old man while the lady is his wife. My husband must have really made him happy.

Anyway, I went back to the room, cried in my Solat Dhuha for Allah SWT to bless my parents and for Allah to forgive their sins. This was followed by a phone call to them to forgive all my dosa that I had done to them.

May Allah bless all parents, both living and the ones who have gone.

* Prof. Datin Dr. Zahurin Mohamed is the Head of Department of Pharmacology, University of Malaya.

wallahu’alam. correct me if I am wrong.


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  1. fairuz baik, insyaAllah :) March 14, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

    Subhanallah sedangkan non-muslims pon sayangkan ayah nya. InsyaAllah cuba sehabis baik. Thanks! 🙂

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