suatu petang..

15 Feb

yesterday, i welcomed some other friends. they are TESOL. cohort 5. sponsorship; MOE (ministry of education). i felt very happy with their arrival. 🙂 -maybe because i can meet some new friends. add the ukhuwah network? insyaAllah.- 😉

they were separated to 3 places. (i mean the places where they have to spend their night n day in wellington.) some of them were in McKenzies. some were in Cumberland House. then, Stafford House. surprisingly, 3 of them had to be sent to backpackers, since their accommodation was still in renovation. i was pity for them. but, i think, backpackers is not bad~! wallahualam. because i’ve never been there. 😀

maskidah met her friends. 2 were from TKC, and 1 from Pedas (SMKA Pedas). one of maskidah’s friends asked, “hey, ko buat ape kat sini?”…maskidah, “aku holiday kot~” -haiyo~!- 😛

i went back to my house, after finished melawat2.

an old man stopped me. [smbil2 tu die merokok~! ahh.. tolong lah pakcik. xsuke saya xsuke asap rokok dan sekutunya~]

org tua : where r u from?

mimi : malaysia.

org tua : oh. how long u’ve been here?

mimi : erm, almost 4months. (haha~ baru 4bulan. 😀 )

org tua : -he came towards me, n touched my tudung. i was about to move. sbb takut kang tetiba plak die selak tudung.- what is dis? n y r u wearing this?

mimi : oh. this is tudung. (bajet mcm pkcik tu paham je~ 😛 ) headscarf. to cover my hair, my aurah.

org tua : aurah?

mimi : -mengingat skema jawapan yg pernah dibaca.- aurah is the part of our body that can’t be seen by other people except for my family members.

org tua : y r u doing so?

mimi : because my God asked me (us, actually!) to do so, n i must obey it!

org tua :, u mean that is ur religion rite?

mimi : yup!

org tua : have u think what is the purpose of religion? u know, everywhere in this world had wars. war that is come from religion. u can see at the israel. vietnam. so many people commit in war.  so, what is the use of religion? n u, r from malaysia, rite? malaysia is asia. most of the country in asia did to involve in war.

mimi : (serius, cuak dah! actually i don’t get y the pakcik told like that. what is the relation with religion-asia-war? haiyo~ la pakcik oiy! nk bertanya, tapi sbb on that time i was rushing for home..dah nk maghrib dah~!) erm, religion teach us everything. and as for me, my religion is my way of life. religion told me to do that, and do not do this. and as we want to relate to the war, it is actually depends on the believers. the believers themselves should really close to their God n understand what is said by God. knowing everything that is trully teach by their religion.

org tua : -sbnrnya dia ada sebut lagi. but i dun get what he said. suddenly, die tanya balik..- so, y r u covering ur aurah?

mimi : because my God asked me to do so. it is actually a shield for us, the woman.

org tua : y?

mimi : because we r very precious~! if u’ve sumthing that is very precious to u, did u allow other people to see it? to touch it?

org tua : we r all human, n we r all precious.

mimi : yup! everyone is precious. i’m not denying it~! but it is depends on our belief. our religion. my religion saying this, ‘cover ur aurah’, n u’ll be protected. so, as the believer to my God, i’ve to do so. i do believe in my religion n God!

-he did to say sumthing, but i cannot focus on him anymore. because i’ve to be fast. to reach home before the day turn dark… sorry sangat2 pakcik~!-

**lebih kurang lah ye ayat2 ni. saya pun xingat dh ayat yg bulat2 keluar drp perbualan kami. 😀 **

as to end our conversation…‘oh, okay. i dun think there is any religion in this world teach their believers to create even a war. just the believers themselves should to understand what is saying to them. (i do want to say this, but i don’t have strength 😦 –…n in my religion, we don’t ask to create@initiate the war. we can only start to attack the enemy, whenever they do something that might put us in dangerous. means, we’re not attacking, but protecting!–)

then, after i finished performed Maghrib’s prayer, i called my mother.

mimi : mak, tadi kan, ada org tu tanya kite, kenapa kite pakai tudung. perang. sume2.

mak : sape? tua ke muda?

mimi : org tua. 50-an kot.

mak : oh, org tua. nak ajak berborak lah tu. dia boring ke petang2 tu. haha

mimi : haha. takde nye die nk ajak berborak tu de. kite takut. dah la kite sorang2.

mak : haa. tu la. jgn jalan sorang2 lagi.

mimi : baik~!


selama ni duk dgr je org kena ‘soal siasat’ dgn mat salleh. maka, alhamdulillah, Allah dh tentukan saya plak kena soal siasat. walaupun agak ketakutan jugak, tapi saya brsyukur, sbb dipermudahkan urusan olehNya. n jawapan2 saya itu pun diilhamkan olehNya. yup~ mungkin pakcik tu dun satisfied ke ape ke kan dgn jwpn saya, tapi saya still brsyukur, sbb dpt balik ke rumah dgn selamat. alhamdulillah~! (sbb spanjang sesi bertemu bual tu, pakcik tu sperti mnghalang saya drp berjalan maju. huk~) 😀

wallahualam. correct me if I’am wrong. 🙂


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