dari 16B kepada 4.

11 Dec

jumaat ke-4 di sini. 🙂

saya mahu berhijrah, insyaAllah.

dari rumah yg beralamat 16B Landcross Street ini, ke rumah 4 Landcross Street.

(having new housemates. aju n sal. because syaz, anis n mas, are to move to 244, The Terrace.)

alhamdulillah, because of their hijrah to 244, there is a vacant room in 4 Landcross Street. 🙂

Thanks Allah, 🙂

:: because I dun need to ulang-alik to my friend’s house, just for cook n eat~! Then, walk back to my house, in kesamaran malam because the road lamp is not functioning well.(ye ke? ke mmg lampu jalan tu mcm tu? wallahualam.) Quiet night with no people around. He knows what is the best for me, kan?  He wants me to feel the experience walking in that kind of night, so that, at least, I have time to remember Him. setuju? ye la, bukan ke manusia ni, kadang2 lalai. hanya ingat Allah bila dlm kesusahan, ketakutan n etc. maka, at least, masa on the way back to home tu, saya ingat padaNya. at least ye~!

Thanks Allah 🙂

:: because give me opportunity to be in one roof with multi racial n multi religion housemates. They really respect my practices in Islam. alhamdulillah. like, they give me freedom to choose any pinggan,periuk,cawan,sudu n garfu, to be samak n use it. but, I dun do that. hehe. when, I told her about the ‘samak‘, then she replied. “ohh.. is that kind of holy water?”.. dlm hati, ” xlah holy water pun, tapi digunakan utk menyucikan bnda2 drp najis mughalazzah la kan..”.. pastu saya reply, “yup, sort of. but usually we do that to wash n clean anything that is touched by pig n dog.”:)

teringat jugak, masa tu, saya n Theresa duduk2 n borak2 smbil mmbuka laptop. Theresa show me the university website, student portal, website to access in order to buy anything on9 n etc. Maghrib masuk pkul 8.30mlm. jam dh pkul9.00 mlm.

mimi = excuse me Theresa, it’s already 9 o’clock n I have to pray for a while. Can we continue it later?

Theresa = sure~! *smile at me.*

after solat, I went back to the living hall.

Theresa = oh, u r already done? i thought it’ll be longer.

mimi = (malu gile~! sbb nmpk sgt solat xlama. lagipun, lepas solat, saya terus je berdoa, tnpa wirid n zikir, sbb xnk lah buat Theresa tertunggu2. takut dia xbiasa kan? wallahualam.) yes, i’m done. 🙂

theresa = how many times do u pray in a day?

mimi = 5 times only a day.

theresa = when?

mimi = (herk~! cmne ntah nk ckp Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, Isyak kat dia.) one is during early in the morning, which is before the sun rise @ dawn. 2nd is before evening. (mmg xterkeluar lgsung prkataan ‘noon’. haiyo~ lupe!) 3rd is in the evening. 4th is just after the sunset. 5th is in the night. (then, mmg saya bertawakkal je kpd Allah, semoga di mudahkan oleh Theresa utk memahami. 🙂 )

theresa = oh, i see. *smiling*

Theresa also will let me know when Andrew (our RA =residential assisstant) came n doing inspection. so that I can prepare myself to wear tudung n socks. Andrea(another housemates of mine~!) live in the same room with her boyfriend. As usual, when both of them went back home, Theresa will remind me of that. she said, “at least you can do whatever that is suitable when you have to meet @ accidentally meet them in this house..” she is very nice~! 🙂

satu hari ni, kawan Theresa nk dtg rumah n having dinner with her. Dia ade je pun ajak saya, tapi, saya je lah yg xnak. hehe.

theresa = syamimi, my friends will come here tonight n we’ll having dinner together. u can join us if u want. but, u need to bring ur own foods. because.. u know rite..?

mimi = yes. i know. 🙂  that is good having dinner together with some other friends. at least I can know some kiwis here. -mmg xtau nk ckp ape dah. hehe- (kiwi = org2 new zealand.)

theresa = but, they r not kiwis. they are singaporean. hehe.

mimi = hehe. its okay. erm, Im sorry, because this night I have to go to my friend’s house. having pray together.

theresa = its ok. but if u wish to join us, just come, ok?

mimi = ok. 🙂

alhamdulillah, di atas segala kemudahan dan kesenangan yg telah diberikan olehNya.

segeralah berkemas utk berhijrah ke 4 Landcross street ye, miminapis. 🙂


another hijrah that i wish to do is :

close my frenster’s account maybe~! still thinking of it. 😀

hasbunallahu wani’mal wakil.

wallahualam. correct me if I am wrong. 🙂


2 Responses to “dari 16B kepada 4.”

  1. fairuz December 12, 2008 at 4:28 pm #

    mimi!! kenapa pindah??tak bestnye okayyy! kan best dapat duduk dgn non0-Muslim.. ke tak?

  2. miminapis December 12, 2008 at 7:39 pm #

    because i can no more stand to walk alone in night, just after having my dinner in aju’s house lah.

    it was very cold, dark (tapi xlah dark sangt, kelam2 lah. hehe~) n very quiet!

    n it will last for 3months. hehe.

    n, rasanya, berpindh is better kot. sbb jimat tenaga n masa~!


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