experiment ku di UKM..

18 Dec

I had started my EE experiment ..huhu, I know that was TOO late, but at least the 4th semester do not start yet.. For me it’s still okay! (haihh!! Sumtime we have to say sumthing good to ourselves as a spirit to us..huhu) But I wasn’t satisfied with that because I reached at UKM at the noon and not too many things I can do I only prepared the palm fibre and separated the river water.. I used to be there about 3 hours! [adehh!! Susah gak nk buat exp nih..intro je dh 3 jam..x masuk sampling air and test content nya lagi..] insyaALLAH, I’ll try my best for this task.

Around 6.00 pm, my sis n me leave the UKM’s compound and went back to our hometown.. (of course before that, my mother had sent me two messages and 3 calls..huhu at 7.30 pm we arrived at Bahau and we dropped by at our uncles’ restaurant. We called them as acik Joe, acik Fendi and acik Din. Hehe.. We helped them to racik-racik bawang, uli tepung roti canai and of course we have a chit-chat about everything! Huhu~

During that while, I kept thinking “why ALLAH makes every people have different. I am such a person who needs ‘stimuli’ before I can start a conversation. (Of course it will be bored if all people in this world are like me!) But my sis is the one who can adapt herself in whatever condition. That means she can be the administrator in that conversation and she always has topics to talk to. Sometime I wish that I could be like her but I know there must be a reason why ALLAH made me like this.

At the same time, I remember there was a surah (but I do not remember what surah) saying that “ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan mereka sendiri yang mengubahnya.” I know some of us quite familiar with that surah. That is true! If I wish to be an independent girl; where I can adapt easily in new situation, I have to learn to change myself. Do not just easily say “..nak buat macamana dah Tuhan buat aku camni..”

Yup! We have to accept everything that happened to us as a fate (qada’ and qadar) but ALLAH never neglects at His servants who always try to improve themselves and have efforts into anything that they wish to have. It also depends on our nawaitu (niat), if we have a good and right nawaitu, insyaALLAH ALLAH will fulfill it. It is undeniable that sometime ALLAH does not fulfill our good nawaitu but remember this kebaikan pasti akan menerima balasan yang baik. That is when ALLAH wants to test on our patience, or maybe our efforts are not enough yet, or maybe ALLAH will fulfil it at the akhirat (our last destination).


~~ correct me if I am wrong~~


2 Responses to “experiment ku di UKM..”

  1. baizura December 20, 2007 at 8:11 am #

    EE tu ape? mcm menarik. 😉

  2. miminapis December 21, 2007 at 4:52 am #

    hehe~ EE tu extended essay and it is COMPULSORY for all IB students.. try tnye supi, khausar n mereka2 batch orion yg amek IB..huhu~ EE ni kite pilih subjek ape yg kite nk pastu kita kena buat research.. nak pilih tajuk tu lagi payah, kadang2 kena reject.. like me, Alhamdulillah x kena reject tapi start lambt..heh! ape nk jadi… pray for me eh.. 😉

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